BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN photo:  CaraBrianne.jpg No woman wants to feel ‘fat’  on her big day no matter her size. You want to feel sexy and attractive; loosing some of that extra weight can help you achieve this. Here are a few tips for loosing weight fast before your big day.


  • Plan:  I don’t mean spending hours some boring plan. A piece of paper, a pen and some glue will do. Write your your target weight, and numbers counting down to your big day. Now glue your plan to a place or something in your home you see a lot.  Make sure you update your weight each day beside each count down number.
  • Think before you eat:  make a habit of asking your self these three questions before you eat  1. how much calories does it contain 2. do i really need to eat this much 3. will this food make my body attractive?
  • Exercise: i know its something you might not want hear but if you want to loose that extra weight fast, you have to adopt an exercise regime. However, I would advise you to adopt a light exercise regime [you don’t want to have cramps on your big day]  like walking, squats, dancing [you don’t have to be an expert just play your favorite tune and dance away] stretching, or any other light exercise.  Try as much as you can to make it fun so you don’t get tired easily and remember that the more time you spend exercising the higher the chances of you loosing that extra weight. So you should have a target of at least 45 minutes of exercise everyday.

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  • Avoid junk foods: instead of trying to cut corners by eating junk foods and drinking a concoction that won’t work why not cut down on your favorite treats. However, if you must, make out a day to indulge A LITTLE.
  • Avoid cold drinks: try as you can to avoid cool drinks because they don’t help the fat burning process in you body. In fact cold drinks slow down your weight loss.

   fruits and vegetables photo: Fruits and vegetables fruits-vegetables.jpg

  • Watch your Diet: Don’t go eating tasteless foods all in the name of dieting, moreover doing so would put you off quickly. I would advice making fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet. However, you want to avoid taking too much of high calorie fruits.


  • Drinks lots of warm liquid[water or green tea]: This is an effective way of burning fat especially when taken before exercises. Try it!
  • CAUTION: Avoid over thinking  your weight loss process or you might get discouraged and always remember beauty is in the mind.


Waiting for a man to pop the big question can be pretty frustrating especially when this wait stretches into years. You begin to worry, sometimes your self esteem drops and you begin to ask yourself if the man does not see you. Well I bet you he does!… you just have to make him see clearly. So how do you get a man to propose without your actions being too obvious or seem desperate? Here are great tips to pop that question right out of his mouth!

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  • Take a good look at him and make sure he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life. Look beyond his physical appearance and strengths and ask your self if you are willing to deal with his weakness, habits or those annoying things he does.
  • Make sure he is ready for a commitment. You could do this by stylishly asking his friends and family questions or dropping comments that will get them to reveal if your dream man is ready to propose anytime soon.
  •  Drop hints without being overbearing. Some of the hints you can drop include having a friendly talk about what both of you expect when you get married, talking about his friends/family that are married and pointing out how well things turned out for them.

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  •  Please do not give him an ultimatum or  talk to him about marriage all the time because it would either drive him away or move your proposal date farther away.
  • Do not be allover him. This is one big mistake most ladies make. Men are creatures of variety so being around him all the time sure does not help.  Make yourself a little scarce and see how much absence makes his heart grow fonder.
  • Get him a little jealous. Yes! talk about that other guy that is ready to settle down and has his eyes on you. Do this in a way that would make him know that he could loose you. However try not to rub it in or it might backfire.
  • Challenge him intellectually, socially, spiritually, financially and otherwise. After all the modern man does not want to propose to any lady who is a liability. A man wants a woman that can take charge when he is not around so why not groom yourself to be that woman.
  • Achieve something. Now ask yourself what you have achieved that will make this man interested in marrying you. If you have achieved nothing you might lose him to an achiever.
  • Be mysterious. Prove to the man that he does not know you as well as he thinks he does by displaying a new positive habit or character; this will definitely arouse his interest.
  • Physical appearance plays a huge role. Once in a while look different or go out of your way to buy a really pretty dress.
  • Learn how to cook. It might sound cliche but food is really one of the expresses that leads to a man heart.
  • Encourage him. A woman that encourages her man is often priceless in his heart. So instead of comparing him with other guys, why not say “… I know you can!”
  • Be patient. Some men won’t just yield no matter how much you try. Adopt patience in these situations and you would be grinning in no time.
  • Be willing to let go. Its a hard thing to do but if you want to live the happily ever after life, you have to be willing to let him go if he is not interested. this should not break your heart because its a step closer to your prince charming.

Be sure to view my blog often as i’ll be writing on topics like “how to know if a man loves you” “How to have a glowing skin using natural products” and a special  DIY [Do It Yourself] post series that will show you how to bake cakes, bread, cookies and what have you!

Question of the week: What do you think about a lady proposing to a man?                             I’d love to see your views!


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When it comes to celebrating an event, we tend to throw caution to the wind only to be disillusioned the next day by our account balance, credit card debts and every other kind of debt. However, even with the knowledge of  debts we could incur by going overboard, we still go ahead to do just that, why? Because we want that day to be awesome, spectacular, great, classy, dramatic, out of this world… the list goes on and on. I say why have an average event to save money when you can have a great event and save money? Here are some great ways to save money and still have an occasion of your dream!


  • Planning : Well its not a cliche that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Whatever the occasion, the cost,energy and time-saving advantage of planning can not be overemphasized. So before you take any step towards your big day, why not take your time to map out exactly what you want to happen and how you want it to happen. Make sure that your plans shows the must haves(necessities) and the gotta haves(wants). Simply, prioritize.

Stack Of Cash

  • Budget: Without a budget, you purchase without having to look for the best deal on items moreover a budget acts as a check; it sets off a ringing consciousness in your head immediately you go over.
  • More people more money: make your guest list as small as possible not only would it save you money, it would also save you a migraine!
  • Wholesale purchase: with so many retail stores around us, we tend to forget how much cheaper it is to buy items from wholesalers. Now when I say wholesale purchase, I don’t mean purchasing even the smallest of items from a wholesale store because they tend to sell in large quantities. So next time you’re planning an occasion and you are thinking of buying a particular brand of drink or any other item in large quantities, think wholesale.


  • DIY:  there are so many things you can do yourself to save a lot of money. For instance center pieces for tables. Think of what you would like on your table and get creative!


  • Scream “Help!” -You would be surprised how much the people around you are able to do. Now instead of paying a professional for everything, you can hand out party contracts to friends and family who will not just charge less, but might even be willing to help you free of charge. Now think of this, you have a close family member that cooks the kind of food gets people ‘mmming’, by enlisting his/her help for free or for a small amount, imagine how much you’ d be saving on food. You could also purchase a video recorder and enlist the help of a family member/friend or pay them a few bucks to capture your day.


  • Don’t spend it all on the location! : You won’t be given extra time on your location except of course you’re paying for it. So instead of paying so much for the grandest hall in the city why not get creative with venue ideas like using you backyard, your house or an inexpensive hall. Now don’t go muttering “I can’t use my house, it looks like …” Any place can be turned into a dream location by getting creative with decor and lightening.happy-married-couple
  • Be happy: Finally your big day is here! you might be tempted to over think and wonder if everything is right but try not to. Enjoy your day, laugh over every issue and try not to give yourself a heart attack because even the grandest and most expensive of occasions have a hitch or two.


A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important celebrations she’ll ever have in her lifetime hence, the need for absolute perfection. Her wedding day is a day to celebrate and publicly declare her undying love for her lover. She dreams, plans, prays and works so hard for this day but often times her dream of the perfect day is shattered by the bazooka called reality. Reality crashes her dreams in different ways but especially as restricted finance. The fact that you cant have your dream gown, venue, decorations and that royal cake because you’re short of a few or a lot of greens can be heart breaking. However, you should know that a perfect wedding is not in the budget but the planning. This blog offers the every bride tips in planning her dream wedding on a budget as low as 200,000 NGN [Nigerian Naira].

Now by planning a wedding of less than 200k[NGN] i’d not just be proving to you that you can have a wedding, but that you can have the perfect wedding.

88d6ff88db9a88b024bf515f4f7e7fe8 A LESS THAN 200K WEDDING SITTING TWO HUNDRED GUESTS…

Step: printing of one piece invitation cards plus bulk SMS for as low as N10,000

Step : purchase modern wedding gown from NahWah Couture, an amazing Nigerian designer that offers the international standard wedding gowns for rent for as low as N8000.


step: rental of groom’s suit for as low as N6000

step: bridal accessories including shoes, fan and jewelry costs 10000


step: bridal hairdo and make make up costs 8000

step: five bridesmaids dresses by NahWah for as low as 12000, fabric costs included.

Step: Food; fried rice and beef. A bag of rice costs about 12000 and can be cooked with spices worth 3000, vegetables worth 7000 and beef worth 10,000.  Bet you did not know fried rice is one of the most affordable but yet classy food for  any occasion. Now instead of hiring a catering service, you could consult a known food seller around your area and pay her as low as 5000 or you could solicit the help of family and friends to prepare this relatively easy dish.

Step: Drinks,10 crates of soft drinks, fruit juice and wine for toast would cost roughly 170000.

step: purchase of  paper plates, toast cups and cutlery would cost 6000

step: a beautiful three tier wedding cake would cost 10000

step: souvenirs 13000

step: decoration of venue by Nahwah costs 15000

step: venue;church{free}

600x600_1379344429020-ekicidodavinadanielimage065low (1)

step: camera man/photographer cost 25000.

step: pay me your wedding planner, 10000

step: hotel room for two honeymoon nights costs 10000

other expenses :-15000

Now close your eyes and imagine what your wedding planner would do for you with an bigger budget. However, very few wedding planners know the tips and tricks to make this happen. This is the reason you need not just any wedding planner, but a pretty good one!